What is a Segway?

Segway is the first electrically powered self-balancing personal transport system. Smaller than the average adult, with the ability to mimic human balance, a Segway takes up the same space as a pedestrian and can go to all the places you can reach on foot.

Segway is a new concept in personal transport, it is not a toy but it adds an element of fun to getting around, making your commute more productive and shorter.

Who can ride a Segway?

Segways are designed to be used by all kinds of people once they have undergone a short training session (no special abilities needed).

Users should be able to:

Mount and dismount a Segway PT unaided, which requires the same ability as walking up and down stairs without using the handrail.

Segway recommends users be at least 16 years of age or above.

Advantages and benefits

The Segway personal transport system has many and varied applications. Its exceptional characteristics make it extremely versatile in many different circumstances.

It is an ecological non-contaminating environmentally friendly vehicle.
It has very low electricity consumption.
No acoustic contamination, it is silent.
It is practical, allows users to travel without tiring and reaches any place a pedestrian can access.
It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
It moves forwards and reverses.
It is fast (speed up to 20 km./h.).
Users can regulate speed.
Users learn how to handle it in a few minutes.
It is small, it fits in the boot of a car.
Users can carry loads without tiring.
With a pivot radius of 0, it can turn on the spot in order to better negotiate pedestrian traffic.


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