Someone on a Segway always gets attention, which makes this striking and innovative personal form of transport an excellent mobile publicity vehicle; its visual impact makes your brand or promotional campaign memorable.

Publicity Campaigns

The considerable visual impact afforded by advertising on a Segway improves the cost-effectiveness of a campaign or promotional strategy. Thanks to its versatility, it can adapt to any idea or image that you want to convey; publicity campaigns that use Segways get results as it is a mobile form of publicity that manages to get the message to the target audience.  

Your publicity where you want it:


  •  Streets
  •  Squares
  •  Quayside promenades
  •  Parks
  •  Ooutdoor commercial areas
  •  Concerts and festivals
  •  Pedestrian areas


  •  Events
  •  Fairs
  •  Congresses
  •  Shopping Centres
  •  University Campuses
  •  Sports Centres
  •  Social Clubs

¿Who can drive your publicity on a Segway?

  •  Segway Monitors
  •  Hostesses
  •  Commercial Promoters
  •  Your staff (previously trained)

Possible actions:

  •  Promotion of products and services
  •  Distribution of leaflets, flyers, magazines, etc.
  •  Information about inaugurations and opening ceremonies
  •  Product launching
  •  Information about promotions, sales and special offers


 We are convinced that your company or organization will attract the attention of your target audience using this publicity support integrated into these superb vehicles.

At Segmovi we rent our equipment daily, weekly or monthly; we have our own publicity support design or we can accept the specific designs of our clients, with or without hostesses. We have different approaches that adapt to the different needs of our clients. 

Contact us and we will give you a customized quote.



  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Interior Spaces
  • Promoters
  • Promotions in various formats




  • SEGWAY + 
    Advertising support
  • SEGWAY + Advertising support + Personal promoter of the campaign



Logistics, security and surveillance, events, advertising campaigns, etc.

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