At Segmovi, S.L. we offer the possibility of renting our equipment.

You can use the Segways you require by renting them for the number of days needed, we deliver the Segway ready-to-use and we pick it up when you want us to.

The Segway Personal Transport System has many varied applications.

Use a clean, reliable, cheap system of transport which is both silent and striking.

Its exceptional characteristics mean that it is highly versatile in innumerable circumstances.

Segway increases your productivity
Segway in a business context allows employees to move faster, crossing short distances quickly and without wasting time. It increases their ability to load heavier weights, reduces the effort required in repetitive tasks and has the potential to avoid the expense involved in work related injuries. It also allows businesses to eliminate underutilised vehicles, and thus, cut down on related maintenance and operational costs.


  •  It allows guided tours of your installations in a quick and convenient manner.
  •  It can be used in events that employ hostesses.
  •  It can be an extra service offered to clients.
  •  It can be used in installation surveillance (covering triple the amount of area in the same period of time).
  •  It can be used as an information point.
  •  It can move loads around with ease.
  •  It enhances the image of the company as modern and innovative, and it is environmentally friendly.
  •  You are sure to have more than one reason for using a Segway in your company (fast, economic, silent…), apart from providing an image of modernity to your employees, clients and suppliers.
  • Contact us and we will analyse your needs and offer you a customized quote.


Segway makes your events different
Companies that participate in organizational development, specifically with teams and directors, look for new ideas to create meaningful experiences for their teams, that will generate positive emotional ties and strengthen the bond between customers and brands or between employees and businesses.  

Segway is a great tool for innovative ideas during experiential training outdoors. The experience is much more enriching and effective than any other kind of motivational activities run by human resources departments. For those special occasions in your enterprise, Segway is a unique exciting experience involving fun activities that guests and participants will never forget.

Contact us and we will analyse your needs and offer you a customized quote.

Segway will surprise you for its striking novelty.

Segway is ideal for use in trade fairs, congresses and exhibitions, to transport materials and personnel involved in the organization of the event, facilitating indoor movement and considerably simplifying tasks.

It also has great results as a complement to a trade stand, giving the exhibitor a mobile, highly visible stand that will spread the company image throughout the trade fair floor.

  • Guided tour of installations.
  • Information point.
  • Materials transport. Facilitates movement of loads.
  • Transport for personnel organizing the event. Eliminates fatigue of long trade fair working days.
  • Can be offered as an extra service to clients.
  • Installation surveillance. Covers triple the area in the same time period.
  • All machines can be personalized and adapted to transmit the image required.

Contact us,  and we will analyse your needs and offer you a customized quote.

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