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On a professional level, we offer our services to companies and organizations by renting or purchasing Segways, as well as managing publicity campaigns and other events using this attractive, innovative and striking system of Intelligent Personal Transport.

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Frequently asked questions

01- What is a Segway PT (Segway Personal Transporter)?

02- How does a Segway PT work?

03- Does a Segway PT work indoors?

04- Can I use a Segway PT in different environments with different climates and terrains?

05- What can you do with a Segway PT?

06- How will a Segway PT transform the way people live?

07- How fast does a Segway PT go?

08- How long will a Segway PT last?

09- Is a Segway PT appropriate for me?

10- Where does the name "Segway" come from?

Further information

Further information

Segways are prepared for industrial terrains and large commercial areas, factories, logistics enterprises, travel and tourism, private security services, personal commercial transport, wineries, nurseries, etc.

In the context of public services, Segways are ideal for use by the police force and public safety services, postal services, university campuses, etc.